Education and Policy Baltimore, MD

The Education and Policy trip centers on the intersections between education, poverty, and race, exploring the ways in which policies and organizations can effectively remedy injustices. Participants will engage in thoughtful exploration of the school system and its unequal effects on different populations. We will have an opportunity to work with organizations serving youth who seek to break the School to Prison Pipeline and be able to work directly in schools. In addition, we will work with organizations who serve the needs of adults failed by the education system, engaging the question of choices available for adults who do not complete their education and/or wish to return to the education system. Ultimately, through direct service and conversations with such youth, adults, and service organizations, participants will gain a nuanced perspective on the successes and failures of education, choice availability, and life-long effects.

Questions or comments? Please contact Jenny Davidson, Coordinator of Student Service Learning, at or 540-458-4669.

Maximum Number of Participants: 15