Digging for China: A Family Adventure in Archaeology SOLD OUT: July 23-26, 2014

Come share W&L and Lexington with your children or grandchildren in our special family-oriented campus program, built around amazing explorations and discoveries with the W&L faculty. Now in its sixth year, this program is specially designed for children ages 7-14, their parents and grandparents. See what archaeologists are discovering in digs near the W&L campus as well as some of the exciting new developments in the Science Center.

Do we mean long days locked in a classroom with boring lectures? No way, we know better! Instead, we'll explore and participate in some exciting digs and discuss how newly uncovered artifacts are contributing to research at W&L, all with the idea that archaeology is best learned by doing it. We'll also have a chance to try out some dazzling technology at W&L's new IQ Center, including a 3-D color printer, a scanning electron microscope, a stereo 3-D lab, and a microscopy suite.

We'll take some walks to discover the summer beauty of Rockbridge County and things that you've never seen before, even though they were always there. We'll do some digging and learn through our discoveries real lessons about our past—prepare yourself for lots of laughter and surprises. You'll also see how new scientific technology is opening up new ways of exploring the world-both above and below the surface. The other key ingredient is provided by the town many parents and grandparents made their own when they were students. Old-fashioned fun is available on demand, and you'll have free time to poke around Lexington or go to Goshen. Ice cream is plentiful.

The program is directed by Don Gaylord, W&L staff archaeologist and anthropology instructor. Don will be joined by kid-friendly colleagues from other departments at W&L.