Student Leadership

The Student Leadership Team for the Campus Kitchen at Washington and Lee is responsible for the day-to-day operations of CKWL, recruiting new volunteers, and developing outreach programs to the Rockbridge Community. Applications are due March 11th, 2016.  Please email Jenny Davidson with any questions.

2016-2017 Leadership Team

John Ahn '19
Ryan Brink '18
Kendyll Coxen '18
Lindsay DeMuth '17
David Hochstadt '18
Matt Inglis '18
Lauren Kim '17
Jonah Mackay '17
Mark Marks '18
Sejal Mistry '17
Brooke Peccie '17
Madeline Simko '19
Julie Sklar '18
Kayla Sylvester ‘17
Alice Tran '18
Kyle Turpin '17
Angel Vela del la Garza Evia '18
Hermione Wang '18
Araba Wubah '17