Meet Tom Shepherd

Tom Shepherd formerly served as president of GTE Sylvania Lighting Products, managing director of the Thomas H. Lee Company in Boston, and currently serves as chairman of TSG Equity Partners. Tom currently serves or has served on the Board of Directors of six publicly traded companies and of more than two dozen companies in total. Tom is an emeritus member of the Washington and Lee Board of Trustees and in 2006 was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Law by Washington and Lee in recognition of his "commitment to social justice and dedication to public service." He has received a Master of Industrial and Labor Relations from Cornell University. His family originates from Shepherdstown, WV, and his wife, Nancy, is an Episcopal priest.

"The initial impetus for this program came as a result of a collaborative faculty-student effort. The program is unique in its linking of rigorous classroom study with carefully selected summer intern assignments. I am delighted to be associated with this signature program, and proud of the Washington and Lee University community's strong support and leadership," states Tom, who currently serves on W&L's Poverty Program Alumni Advisory Board.

Tom also has been involved with land conservation locally, regionally and nationally, and he currently serves on the Land Trust Alliance Advisory Council. He has received awards for completed conservation transactions locally and regionally.