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Elrod Fellowship positions are currently currently offered in Baltimore and Washington, DC.  If you have interest in starting a chapter in another city, contact Fran Elrod.

How it Works

Washington and Lee alumni are the heart and soul of the Elrod Fellowship program; it relies on alumni support and leadership, and it is driven by alumni interests and creativity. The alumni-based format facilitates and encourages strong bonds between alumni, current students and recent graduates. Alumni use their expertise as active citizens and professionals to recruit agencies, mentor students, develop group seminars and oversee the program in their area. The Elrod Fellowship coordinator on staff at Washington and Lee supports alumni coordinators by managing the paperwork and administrative duties involved in running the program, as well as promoting the program to W&L seniors and recent graduates and assisting with the development of educational seminar series.

Why Participate?

Alumni who support the Elrod Fellowship program are not only committed to Washington and Lee but also improving the communities in which they live. Supporting the program offers them the ability to get to know recent graduates who are interested in the public service sector and matching them with organizations who can help further the education of young alumni in this area. Not only do they make an investment in their alma mater, but in the cities in which they live and work.

The challenging nature of the work Elrod Fellows do and the clients they serve provides an opportunity for leadership that many first jobs don't offer. To be chosen as an Elrod Fellow is a badge of honor for Washington and Lee students, and participating in the program as an alumnus offers an innovative way to contribute time and talents to W&L and your city.

In addition, alumni involvement in this program improves Washington and Lee's reputation as an institution interested in and dedicated to leadership and public service. Participation in the Elrod Fellowship supports the University's mission of cultivating in participants "the responsibility to serve society through the productive use of talent and training" and a capacity "for self sacrifice on behalf of their fellow citizens."

Elrod Fellowship Coordinator at Washington and Lee University
Fran Elrod

Baltimore Alumni Coordinator
Rich Zink '78

Michele Farqueharson '11

Houston Alumni Coordinator
Duke Cancelmo '80

Washington, D.C. Alumni Coordinator
John Nolan '70 

Kate Gehrs '11