Related Courses

The following courses can be tailored to count for credit towards the Poverty Minor.  If you plan to take one of these courses please email both the instructor and Professor Pickett for approval.

Winter 2017 Offerings

ECON/SOAN 291A- Land In O'Odham

EDUC 302- Teaching Exceptional Learner

ENGL 394B- "Mother of All Women": Gender in Chicana and Native American Women's Literature

HIST 268- Building a Suburban Nation: Race, Class, and Politics in Postwar America

JOUR 268- News Media, Race & Ethnicity

LIT 295B- Immigrant Experience

PHIL 295A- Seminar: Medicine, Research & Poverty

PSYC 265- Developmental Psychopathology

All Related Courses

Anthropology 260 "Conflicts in Eurasia: Globalization, New States and Soviet Legacies"

Anthropology 286 "Land in Lakota Culture, Religion and History"

Anthropology 288 "Childhood"

Biology 275 "Food for Thought"

Business 304 "Social Entrepreneurship"

Business 335/Philosophy 335 "Ethics of Globalization"

Business 390 "Nicaragua: Business in a Developing Economy"

Economics 232: "African-American Human Capital Development: Challenges and Opportunities"

Economics 233 "Colorism"

Economics/Politics 288 "African Economic Development/African Politics in Ghana"

Economics 295A "Health Economics in Developing Countries"

Economics 304 "Health: A Social Science Exploration"

Education 302 "Teaching the Exceptional Learner"

English 359 "Literature by Women of Color."

History 268 "Building a Suburban Nation: Race, Class and Politics in Postwar America"

HIST 269 "Blacks in the Age of Jim Crow"

HIST 289 "Profit & Prophecy"

Philosophy 354 "Distributive Justice"

Politics 247 "Latin American Politics"

Politics 288 "African Politics"

POL 380 "Food, Shelter, Space & Voice"

Psychology 230 "Contemporary Issues in Child Development"

Psychology 265 "Developmental Psychopathology"

Psychology 269 "Stereotyping, Prejudice and Discrimination"

Sociology 266 "Cities and Regions"

Spanish 204 "Conversation Skill"

Spanish 295 "Hispanic Women in Literature, Cinema and Society"