International Internship Program (SIIP) POV453

Summer Opportunities Funding Request must be submit prior to application.  Do not complete the 'stipend' field.  Need-based stipends will be distributed as needed.  FAQ 

The primary goal of the SIIP experience is to provide students with an authentic cultural and service experience in an international setting that is relevant to their academic trajectory. While it is important for students to approach the experience with an eye towards professional development, it is equally important for students to understand that much learning will come in ways they least expect.

There are three avenues to access an internship:

  1. Attached to a Spring Term Abroad Course

  2. Through an approved 3rd party provider

  3. Student proposed project 


Prerequisite courses: POV 101 or POL 215
Rising Sophomore, Junior, or Senior; physician clearance for students who manage a physical or mental health condition 

Three options for participation

OPTION 1: Add onto select Spring Term Abroad (STA) Course

  • Contact Fran Elrod for more information

Option 2: Approved third-party vendors 

Option 3: Create your own 

  • English Education, Puerto Morelos, Mexico
    • Partnership between ESOL, GenDev, and Shepherd
      • Contact Fran Elrod ( for more information 
  • Aya Center, South Africa
  • Tewa Center, Nepal
    • Contact Fran Elrod ( for more information 
  • For other experiences, contact throughout to discuss and develop an internship proposal. 
  • December 1: OPTION 1 Applicants submit a statement of intent to apply for an internship following an STA course 
  • Sunday, January 15: Due date for the application, letter of recommendation,  and internship proposal
  • Late January: Interview & selection
  • By February 19: Commit to internship & submit the Participation Agreement
  • Pre-departure
    • Submit copies of travel details to the Shepherd Office
    • Complete immunizations 
    • Register with the State Department
    • Complete the Univeristy Travel Registry

The application packet 

All application materials are to be emailed to Fran Elrod (, Associate Director of Community Based Learning.

  • Prior to submitting an application, submit a Summer Opportunities Funding Request Form
  • Application 
  • Internship Proposal 
  • Letter of support from sponsor/host organization (e.g. 3rd party provider or hosting agency)
  • Resume
  • One letter of recommendation
    • Letters emailed directly to Fran Elrod at
    • Letters are to be addressed to 'Interview Committee Members'
    • Letters may address academic complexity, level of maturity, opinion regarding readiness for challenging, independent, professional learning experience
  • Interview

Financial Information

Successful applicants receive  $3,000 from the Shepherd Program to apply towards expenses.  Additional financial support through University-sponsored fellowships may be available.  

Need-based grants are available for qualifying students.

Schedule a meeting with Fran Elrod ( to learn more.