Program Information for Law School

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Internship dates: Range based on placement (8-12 weeks in the summer)
Application Deadline: February12, 2018


  • 1L & 2L law students

Application Process

Complete the online application and upload the application packet.  

The application packet includes:

  • Online application
    • Essay
    • Identify intenrship you've secured or applied to and wish to fund, OR select internships from SHECP database
    • Resume (upload) 
  • Additional information required off-line:
    • Campus Interview
    • One letter of recommendation
      • Letters are e-mailed directly to Amy DeHart ( 
      • Letters are to be addressed to "Interview Committee Members"
      • Letters may address academic competency, level of maturity, opinion regarding readiness for a challenging, independent, professional learning experience

Placement Process 

  • Internships offered through the Shepherd Higher Education Consortium on Poverty
    • Recommended: Meet with Fran Elrod to discuss internships available to law students 
    • Some, but not all, internships require an additional application directly to the agency
    • Resume and letter of recommendation submitted to the agency by SHECP office
    • Student and agency introduced via email
    • Phone interview conducted to confirm placement
  • Internship secured outside Shepherd Program offerings
    • Recommended: Communicate internship with Shepherd staff in order to confirm it qualifies as a poverty internship.  Client contact in a disadvantaged citizens is paramount
    • Indicate the pending or secured internship(s) on the Shepherd Internship Application

Program Requirements

  • Encouraged: Participation in the opening conference if it does not interfere with the internship and if transportation is not cost prohibitive
  • Strongly Encouraged: Participation in the closing conference and symposium 
    • All interns, including law students, take part in a panel discussion or individual presentation at the Closing Conference
  • Work full-time during designated internship dates (8-12 weeks)
  • Encouraged: Participate in a mid-summer check-in which involves a conference call or meeting with a SHECP supervisor and interns in your geographic location for a check in mid-summer.
  • Required:  Assess your internship experience by participating in an on-line survey.
  • Strongly Encouraged to:
    • Keep a journal about their experience (some schools require)
    • Submit an informative essay about their internship and what they learned about poverty and themselves to the Consortium Program Director for review and possible posting on the SHECP website.

Financial Information

  • Complete eligibility paperwork for the Federal Work Study Program through the Financial Aid office.  
    • 2017 & 2018 FAFSA
    • Internship Description
    • Contact Miranda Edwards for details (
  • Submit timesheets every two weeks for payment
  • The hourly rate in 2017 was $12/hour 
  • The Shepherd Program will contribute towards travel costs to the Shepherd conferences