Resolution Procedures

Because the relationship of students, staff, and faculty to the University differ in nature, the procedures that apply when seeking disciplinary action necessarily differ in some respects. Each of the procedures, however, is guided by the same principles of fundamental fairness and respect for all parties, which require notice, an equitable opportunity to be heard, and an equitable opportunity to respond to a report under this policy.

Complaints Against Washington and Lee Students

Upon receipt of a report the Title IX Coordinator will conduct an initial assessment of the incident, the complainant's desired course of action, and the necessity for any interim remedies or accommodation. After this assessment the University may seek a remedies-based resolution, which does not involve disciplinary action against the respondent, or begin an investigation that will determine whether the matter goes before the Harassment and Sexual Misconduct Board.

Complaints Against Faculty, Staff and Other Non-Students

Any individual who believes that he or she has been the object of prohibited discrimination, harassment, sexual misconduct, or retaliation by a member of the faculty, staff, or other non-student may raise the concern and bring a complaint.