Displacements, Frontiers and Nomadism The Twelfth National Symposium of Theater in Academe

The Twelfth National Symposium of Theater in Academe
Displacements, Frontiers, and Nomadism
Washington and Lee University, March 26-28, 2015
Call for Papers

Scholarly talks, as well as performances, workshops or hybrid format presentations that address the themes of the symposium are invited. The event proposes to gather theater scholars, teachers, and practitioners as well as theater activists in an open exchange of ideas and artistic expressions relevant to the main themes. Multimedia, interdisciplinary, experimental presentations are encouraged. If proposing a performance specify technical needs (space, sound, lights, etc.).

Other suggested related topics:
1. Theater of borders, theater at borders
2. Writing and performing exile and the immigrant experience
3. Immigrant dreams, utopias and dystopias in theater and performance
4. Negotiating space, territory and boundaries in performance
5. Inclusion and exclusion in performance
6. Trauma tourism, nostalgia and myths of the return
7. The search for home, belonging and the familiar
8. Multiculturalism and diversity as home and refuge
9. The aesthetic of loss and/or re- belonging in theater and performance
10. Inhabiting and performing languages

Send a 300 word abstract of your proposal to Professor Domnica Radulescu, Conference Founding Director, at both emails: radulescuvm@gmail.com and radulescud@wlu.edu by December 15, 2014.