Michael H. Laughy, Jr. Associate Professor of Classics

Michael H. Laughy, Jr.

Tucker Hall 106


University of California, Berkeley, PhD, 2010
  - Graduate Group in Ancient History and Mediterranean Archaeology

American School of Classical Studies at Athens
  - Regular Member, 2003- 2004
  - Associate Member, 2007- 2009

Washington University in St. Louis, MA, 1999
  - Classics

University of New Hampshire, BA, 1995
  - Philosophy, Anthropology (Archaeology), Latin


History and Archaeology of Archaic and Classical Athens; Athenian Agora Excavations; Ancient Greek and Roman Historians; Ancient Greek Religion; Greek Epigraphy


Ancient Greek; Latin; Greek Religion; Ancient Greek History; Art and Archaeology of Ancient Greece; Ancient Athens; The Trojan War


Athenian Agora Excavations: American School of Classical Studies at Athens, Greece
 - Field Supervisor, summer 2000- 2011, 2013
 - Field Archaeologist, summer 1997- 1999

Monmouth College Native American Archaeology Lab, Monmouth, IL
 - Director, 2011- 2012

Ancient Corinth Excavations: American School of Classical Studies in Athens, Greece
 - Field Supervisor, spring 2004

Phylakopi, Milos: British School at Athens, Greece
 - Field Archaeologist, summer 2003

N.H. State Conservation And Rescue Archaeology Program: Concord, NH, USA
 - Field Archaeologist, summer 1995

Strawbery Banke Museum: Portsmouth, NH, USA
  -Field Archaeologist, summer 1994