University Library

University Library Committee consists of nine university faculty members (appointed by the Provost), the University Librarian, and three student representatives (one each from sophomore, junior, and senior classes with multi-year appointments encouraged), appointed by the President upon nomination by the Student Body Executive Committee. It acts as an advisory board to the librarians and the Provost on matters pertaining to the maintenance and development of the library. The problems the committee usually considers concern public and technical services but may include other areas in which the Librarian seeks advice.

Françoise Frégnac-Clave, Chair, 2015-2019;  

Ex Officio Member:

  • John Tombarge, University Librarian

Nine Appointed Faculty Members - Three annually for 3-year terms:

  • Françoise Frégnac-Clave - 2016-2019
  • Carl Kaiser - 2016-2019
  • Alicia Swasy - 2017-2020
  • Stuart Gray - 2017-2020
  • Sara Sprenkle - 2017-2020
  • Taylor Walle - 2017-2020
  • Krzysztof Jasiewicz - 2018-2021
  • Antonio Reyes - 2018-2021
  • Ricardo Wilson - 2018-2021

Three students nominated by the Student EC, appointed by the President:

  • Reid Gaede '19 - 2018-2019