International Education

International Education Committee reports to the Provost and comprises 15 individuals, with eight members appointed by the Provost and seven ex officio members. The Provost appoints six undergraduate faculty members (four from The College, including one from the departments teaching modern foreign languages, and two from the Williams School) and two undergraduate students recommended by the Student EC (including one international student recommended by SAIL). The ex officio members are: Associate Dean of The College (with faculty status), Associate Dean of the Williams School, University Registrar, and, from the Center for International Education, the Director, Associate Director, Study Abroad Adviser, and Program Coordinator.

  The committee's responsibilities include:

  • providing a faculty voice and general oversight on matters pertaining to study abroad and other international education issues as brought up by the Director of International Education, the Deans, and the Provost;
  • monitoring and reviewing general policy issues including

o    curricular and extra-curricular issues intrinsic to international education,
o    financial considerations,
o    safety and liability issues, credit transfer, etc.;

  • advising the Center for International Education (CIE), with regard to ensuring the academic quality and integrity of term, year, and Summer study abroad initiatives;
  • reviewing Spring Term Abroad course proposals and logistics; ·         reviewing applications to study abroad at non-approved locations/institutions.

Mohamed Kamara, Chair

Ex Officio Members:

Gwyn E. Campbell, Associate Dean of The College
Latha Dawson, Program Coordinator, International Education
Tim Diette, Associate Dean of the Williams School
Scott Dittman, University Registrar
Cyntha (Cindy) Irby, Study Abroad Adviser, as committee secretary
Mark Rush, Director of International Education
Hunter Swanson, Associate Director of Inernational Education

Six Appointed Faculty Members - One annually for 4-year terms:

Irina Mazilu - 2014-2018
Antonio Reyes - 2017-2018 (replacing Niels-Hugo Blunch (WS) - 2015-2019)
Megan Hess (WS) - 2015-2019
Seth Cantey - 2017-2018 (replacing Richard Bidlack - 2016-2020)
Mohamed Kamara - 2016-2020
Yanhong Zhu - 2016-2020

Two Students (one an international student recommended by SAIL) nominated by the Student EC, appointed by the President:

EC Nominee: Emily Austin '18 - 2017-2018
SAIL Nominee: Anukriti Shrestha '19 - 2017-2018  (Fall 2017) ; Ruinan (Alan) Liu '20 (Winter 2018)