Historic Preservation and Archaeological Conservation Advisory

The purpose of the HPACA Board is to provide advice to the president on matters related to historic preservation and archaeological conservation. The board's primary responsibility will be to review the University's plans to alter or demolish the interiors or exteriors of historic buildings (over 50 years old) on campus; to preserve and protect archaeological resources on campus; and to provide advice on matters related to historic preservation and archeological conservations. The board will meet at least three times per year and will work closely with the University Architect and the Vice President for Administration on these issues.

The board is comprised of up to ten appointed members with the Executive Director of University Facilities, the Director of Capital Projects, the University's architect, and the appropriate Associate Dean of The College serving as ex officio members. The ten members will include five faculty members, a non-faculty member from the W&L community, and up to two "outside" members who are interested and knowledgeable. The latter members may include alumni and/or respected members of the historic-preservation, archaeological, and professional architectural communities. Members serve staggered, two-year terms and the chair is appointed by the Provost.

Donald Gaylord, Chair

Ex Officio members:

  • Randolph Hare, Executive Director of University Facilities
  • Thomas Kalasky, Director of Capital Projects
  • Hugh Latimer, Architect and University Planner
  • Meredith McCoy, Associate Dean of The College

Six appointed members - two-year terms:

  • Donald Hasfurther (Historic Lexington Foundation) - 2015-2019
  • Donald Gaylord - 2017-2019
  • Harvey Markowitz - 2017-2019
  • Anna Brodsky - 2018-2020
  • Matthew Gildner - 2018-2020
  • Elizabeth Knapp - 2018-2020