(2018-2019) Fall Term Advising Advice

Advising Schedule for Orientation 2018

Tuesday, September 4

  • 9am - 10am: Meeting for Advisers (Stackhouse Theater)
  • 10am - 12pm: Academic Fair (Leyburn Library)
  • 12pm: Lunch with Advisees (Pick up at Evans Dining Hall) **instructions below
  • 1:30pm - 3:30pm: Meeting Time with Advisees (an opportunity for faculty to meet as a group or individually with advisees prior to Pick-One Registration)
  • 3:30pm: Students "Pick-One" Registration

Wednesday, September 5

  • 9:00-11:30 Complete Registration of 13-15 credits with advisees during assigned registration blocks

**Advisees have been instructed to meet advisers at their office at noon unless the adviser tells them otherwise. Everyone will pick up lunch in Evans Dining Hall this year.


  • SELF-SERVICE: The Self-Service registration system is in effect for all students.
  • CREDITS REQUIRED FOR GRADUATION: For students in the classes of 2020, 2021, and beyond, the number of credits required for graduation is now 120.
  • PE SKILLS COURSES: All 100- and 200-level PE skills courses are now worth 1 credit each.
  • FULL-TIME COURSE LOAD: A normal full-time course load for all students is now defined as 13-15 credits. First-Year students may register for up to 15 credits without special permission. All FY students should take four 3- or 4-credit courses. FY students should not take five 3-credit courses, nor should they take only three 3- or 4-credit courses along with one or more 1-credit courses. In the fall term: Permission for 16 credits may be secured through the Dean for First-Year Experience -- arrived at only because of a student registering for a single PE and/or another 1-credit course to accompany a schedule of four 3- or 4-credit courses. No permission is given to first-year, first-term students for more than 16 credits under any circumstances. For winter term: First-year students must wait for final grades from their first term in order to request a winter-term overload.
  • MINIMUM NUMBER OF CREDITS: While 12 credits will continue to be the minimum course load, registering for fewer than 13 credits might cause students to fall behind in credits. Students taking fewer than 13 credits will need to make up additional credits at some point (e.g., through AP or other incoming credits, through summer school or online coursework, by adding experiential credit for summer activities, or by taking more than 13 credits in other terms). However, students who do have additional credits might find a 12-credit course load appropriate, depending on their circumstances.
  • EXPERIENTIAL-LEARNING: Students in the classes of 2020, 2021, 2022 and beyond are required to earn a minimum of 4 credits in EXP-designated courses.

Additional Advising Advice

  • PICK ONE: Encourage your advisees to consider their full schedule before their Pick One in order to avoid boxing themselves into a conflict, especially when selecting a lab science for their Pick One.
  • LAB SCIENCE: No FY student should be registered for more than one lab science. Please note that the Science Departments are stretched thin in their ability to provide enough seats in introductory level courses for science majors while also accommodating demand for students who need to fulfill their FDR SL. The following advice is intended to help your advisees find an appropriate course that fits their needs.
    1. Research the course offerings. Some science departments offer separate SL courses for majors and non-majors. (For example, Chem 110 for majors, Chem 100 for non-majors). Others offer courses that are suitable for both groups of students. (For example, 100 Level Geology courses). Read the catalog description.
    2. Students should try to take their FDR SL early. Due to the large demand placed by potential science majors who need to start their science sequence early, some FDR SL courses limit the number of spaces for upper class students (particularly juniors and seniors). For example, most 100 level geology courses give priority to FYs and sophomores.
  • WRITING 100: There are 15 sections of WRIT 100 in the fall and we anticipate another 15 in the winter. Some first years will not get into a WRIT-100 class in the fall, so they must register in a winter section. Students may NOT leave WRIT-100 for the sophomore year.
  • FOREIGN LANGUAGE PLACEMENT TEST RESULTS: Foreign language placement tests results are generally only valid this year, and many of the intermediate level courses are not offered in the Winter Term. First-Year students who wish to continue their language studies are encouraged to register for an appropriate language course in the fall.
  • NOTE ADD/DROP POLICIES: Poor performance is generally not considered to be a reason to drop a course partway through the term. Please note the add/drop policies on the registrar's website: https://www.wlu.edu/university-registrar/policies-and-procedures/dropadd-policies-fall-term