Resources for Faculty

Faculty Handbook

The Handbook contains vital information on such topics as faculty appointments, academic freedom, tenure and promotion, retirement policy, university governance, and much more. Updated annually, it is available online and may be downloaded or printed. Both the March 2017 and the April 2015 Handbooks are available. The 2017 Handbook applies to tenure and promotion cases for faculty hired after 1 July 2017, whereas the 2015 Handbook applies to all faculty hired prior to 1 July 2017. (Note: faculty seeking tenure and promotion have the option to select either Handbook’s procedures, but must indicate their choice to their Dean when they declare their intention to seek tenure and promotion.)

Academic Advising

The academic advising system is fundamental to undergraduate education at Washington and Lee, providing resources for students as they seek not only to meet graduation requirements, but also to become liberally educated human beings with well-developed intellect and character. Academic advisers encourage students to take responsibility for their own education and academic actions, engage in conversations beyond the classroom and help students to explore and serve a larger world through study abroad, community service, postgraduate education, and the commencement of productive careers.

Faculty Development and Funding Opportunities

There are a range of development and funding sources available to W&L faculty. These include such opportunities as the University Lectures program, pre-tenure and sabbatical leave opportunities, Summer Lenfest Research Grants, the Summer Scholars Research program. Support is available for faculty who are interested in applying for external grants.


A number of important university-wide initiative reports are included here. This includes current reports only. Archived reports are available for the university community to view.