Digital Humanities Working Group (ad hoc)

Digital Humanities Working Group (ad hoc, 2012-2016) The appointed and ex officio members of the Digital Humanities Working Group will encourage awareness of Digital Humanities at W&L. They will assist in the development of scholarly and pedagogical projects, promoting experimentation and collaboration, and publicizing results of faculty and student work. They will set priorities and choose recipients of incentive funding provided by the Office of the Dean of the College and/or the Associated Colleges of the South or other granting agencies for scholarly and pedagogical projects. They will discuss and propose curricular initiatives. By keeping the conversation about Digital Humanities open, they will help to lay the groundwork for future teaching, research, and scholarship, including collaboration with other institutions. The committee will prepare an annual report for the Office of the Dean of the College.

Paul Youngman, Chair
Sara Sprenkle, Associate Chair

Ex Officio Members
Suzanne Keen, Dean of The College
David Saacke, Chief Technology Officer
John Tombarge, University Librarian

Appointed Members
Jeffrey Barry, Associate University Librarian for Digital Services and Strategies
Rebecca Benefiel, Associate Professor, Classics
Mackenzie Brooks, Assistant Professor and Digital Humanities Librarian
Brandon Bucy, Senior Academic Technologist
Alston Cobourn, Assistant Professor and Digital Scholarship Librarian
Sarah Horowitz, Assistant Professor, History
Julie Knudson, Director of Academic Technologies and Client Services
Richard Kuettner, Director, Tucker Multimedia Center (committee secretary)
Toni Locy, Professor of Journalism
Jason Mickel, Assistant Professor, Director of Library Technology
Sara Sprenkle, Associate Professor, Computer Science
Paul Youngman, Associate Professor, German