Shepherd Poverty (advisory)

Howard Pickett, Chair

Eight Appointed Faculty Members - some permanent appointments, some for three-year terms

Core Faculty
Tyler Dickovick, politics
Timothy Diette, economics
Jonathan Eastwood, sociology and anthropology
Arthur Goldsmith, economics
John (J.D.) King, law
Deborah Miranda, English
Karla Murdock, psychology
Joan (Shaun) Shaughnessy, law

Zainab Abiza '19 - 2016-2017
Peyton Powers '18 - 2016-2017
Jacob (Jake) Roberts '17 - 2016-2017

Jennifer Davidson, Coordinator for Campus Kitchen and Adviser to Volunteer Venture and Nabors League
Francile Elrod, Associate Director for Community-Based Learning
Marisa Frey, Coordinator Student Service Leadership and Research
Wendy Lovell, Assistant Director for Community-Based Learning and Communications