Student-Faculty Hearing Board (faculty)

Student-Faculty Hearing Board (SFHB) is authorized to hear and adjudicate allegations of sexual misconduct involving Washington and Lee students. It is chaired by an administrator with appropriate professional training and experience appointed by the Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students, and drawn from the administrative staff of the Division of Student Affairs. The chair will be well-versed in W&L policies and procedures, and have primary responsibility for managing the SFHB itself as well as the adjudication process, but shall not participate in deliberation or voting on matters before the Board. The Vice President for Student Affairs shall serve as chair in the event that recusal or some other circumstance prevents the board chair from serving in a specific case. The Chair who presides in any specific case shall not be permitted to serve on the University Board of Appeals in any appeal arising from that case.

Four faculty members shall be appointed by the Provost, for three-year staggered terms, after consultation with the Student Affairs Committee (SAC). The four will serve as a "pool" from which two shall be drawn to serve on any one case.

The procedure for selecting four student representatives, shall involve a process in which the Executive Committee of the Student Body (EC) and the Vice President for Student Affairs (VPSA) participate. The EC shall elicit the participation of stakeholder groups on campus that may not be represented on the EC, including sexual assault prevention and response groups, and groups representing women and minorities. Additionally, the appointment procedures of the EC shall be reviewed by SAC prior to the application process. The EC shall appoint four student Board members, representative of the student body and qualified to adjudicate the sensitive cases heard by the Board. In selecting members and later constituting the panel to hear a specific case, every effort shall be made to strive for gender balance and/or other kinds of important diverse representation.

The EC shall require applications and conduct interviews of applicants for the board positions apart from other spring appointments. Applications shall include discussion of knowledge or experience relevant to the mission of the board and confidentially sent recommendations of two non-student members of the Washington and Lee community. After receiving applications, but prior to the interview process, the EC shall send the list of applicants to the VPSA to gather additional information on each applicant for the EC's consideration in deciding which applicants to interview. Student board members shall be trained at the same time as faculty board members. Only two student members from the pool of four members will hear each case; a pool of four ensures that a case panel can be constituted in the event that recusal or some other circumstance prevents a student Board member from serving in a specific case.

The Student Affairs site for the Board is at

Clifford Jarrett, Chair

Ex Officio member:
Tammi Simpson, Associate Dean of Students

Four Faculty appointed by the Provost, on staggered three-year terms:
Paul Cabe - 2014-2016
Toni Locy - 2013-2016
John (JD) King - 2015-2018
Kishanthi Vinayagamoorthy - 2015-2018

Four Students appointed by the Student EC (representative to the Student Affairs Committee to be determined by the SFHB chair):
Amanda Lyons-Archambault '17L - 2015-2016
Bethany Belisle '16L - 2015-2016
Hannah Gilmore '16 - 2015-2016
Kyle Turpin '17- 2015-2016