Honorary Degrees (created by the Board)

The By-laws define the duties and composition of the committee as follows: "The President's Advisory Committee and the Rector of the Board shall constitute a Committee on Honorary Degrees which shall be chaired by the Provost. The Board, on its own initiative or upon recommendation of the Committee, may from time to time grant such honorary degrees as it deems proper, and must approve honorary degree recipients."

Marc Conner, Chair

Ex Officio Members:
Donald Childress, Rector of the Board of Trustees
Marc Conner, Interim Provost
Brant Hellwig, Dean of the School of Law
Suzanne Keen, Dean of The College
Robert Straughan, Dean of the Williams School

Advisory Committee Members:
Timothy Diette, Associate Professor, Economics - 2014-2017
Lisa Greer, Associate Professor, Geology - 2014-2017
Robert Strong - 2016-2017 (replacing Holly Pickett, Associate Professor, English - 2014-2017)
Alexandra Brown, Professor, Religion - 2015-2018
Angela Smith, Professor, Roger Mudd Center for Ethics - 2015-2018
Alison Bell, Associate Professor, Sociology and Anthropology - 2015-2018
Joan (Shaun) Shaughnessy (LS) - 2016-2018 (serving as alternate for Susan Franck, Professor of Law - 2015-2018)
Fred LaRiviere, Associate Professor, Chemistry - 2016-2019
Sandy Reiter, Associate Professor of Business Administration - 2016-2019