Faculty Committee on Inclusiveness (faculty)

Faculty Committee on Inclusiveness represents faculty concern for making Washington and Lee a community open to persons from diverse backgrounds, one that respects and recognizes benefits of administrators, faculty, staff, and students from these different backgrounds. The committee receives reports from administrators as recommended by the faculty, advises University administrators where appropriate, and proposes new initiatives to the faculty when and if they are needed. The committee reports to the faculty annually. The committee consists of seven undergraduate and two law faculty appointed for three-year, staggered terms. Undergraduate members are appointed by the Provost in consultation with the current committee, subject to approval of the undergraduate faculty. Law members are appointed by the Dean of the School of Law in consultation with the current committee and subject to approval of the law faculty. Committee members should include senior and junior faculty members representing all segments of the diverse community for which we are striving. [ This committee is dormant. No new appointments to this committee are being made. Faculty EC has been asked to consider eliminating this committee. Comments should be directed to Robert Straughan, Chair of Faculty EC. ]

?, Chair

Ex officio member:
Tamara Futrell, Associate Dean of Students