Automatic Rule and Reinstatement (faculty)

Automatic Rule and Reinstatement Committee is composed of two undergraduate faculty members, the Dean of The College, the Dean of the Williams School of Commerce, Economics, and Politics, the VPSA/Dean of Students, the Associate Provost, the Associate Dean of The College, Associate Dean of the Williams School, the Dean of Student Life, and the University Registrar as a non-voting consultant. It administers regulations concerning undergraduate academic probation and the Automatic Rule which govern an undergraduate student's academic eligibility to continue enrollment at Washington and Lee. The committee also determines whether an undergraduate student who has withdrawn from the University may be reinstated and whether a student who applies to the committee may receive a leave of absence.

Marcia France, Chair

Ex Officio Members:
Marcia France, Associate Dean of The College
Scott Dittman, University Registrar (non-voting)
Suzanne Keen, Dean of The College
Elizabeth Knapp, Associate Provost
David Leonard, Dean of Student Life
Robert Straughan, Dean of the Williams School
Raquel Alexander, Associate Dean of the Williams School
Sidney Evans, VP for Student Affairs and Dean of Students

Two Appointed Faculty Members - One triennially for six-year term:
Alan McRae - 2010-2016
Wythe Whiting - 2013-2019