University Athletics

University Athletics Committee (UAC) is composed of six university faculty members appointed by the President, the VP for Student Affairs/Dean of Students, the Sports Information Director, two alumni members chosen by the Alumni Association, and three student members appointed by the President upon the recommendation of the Student Body Executive Committee. The Chair is named by the Provost, in consultation with the Athletics Director, for a five-year, renewable term. The Chair of the UAC will serve for one additional year beyond the end of her or his term as Chair as a regular faculty member of the committee. The Athletics Committee acts in an advisory capacity to the Athletics Director, the administration, and the university faculty with regard to all aspects of the athletic program -- intercollegiate, intramural, curricular, and recreational.

Megan Fulcher, Chair

Ex Officio Members:
Janine Hathorn, Professor of Physical Education, Athletics, and Recreation and Athletics Director
Brian Laubscher, Sports Information Director (non-voting)
Elizabeth LeRose, Associate Athletics Director
Sidney Evans, VP for Student Affairs and Dean of Students
John Wolf, Board of Trustees Liaison

Six Appointed Faculty Members - One annually for Six-year term:
Megan Fulcher - 2011-2017
Matthew Tuchler - 2012-2018
James Casey - 2016-2017 (replacing Ellen Mayock - 2013-2019)
Martin Davies - 2015-2020
Logan LaBerge - 2015-2021
Mark Coddington - 2016-2022

Two Alumni selected by Alumni Association - Three-Year terms:
Abney Boxley '80- 2014-2017
Elisabeth (Lisa) Jennings Clarkson '93 - 2015-2018

Three students nominated by the Student EC, appointed by the President:
Walker Brand '18U - 2016-2017
Mary (Maggie) Waxter '17 - 2016-2017
Rebecca Wellford '19U - 2016-2017