Student Health

Student Health Committee is chaired by the Director of Student Health and Counseling, and includes a representative of the Student Affairs staff, the Director of Health Promotion, and another member of the health and counseling staff, three university faculty members appointed by the President, and three students appointed by the President upon nomination by the Student Body Executive Committee. It acts in an advisory capacity on matters pertaining to the scope and effectiveness of W&L's health and counseling services.

Jane Horton, Chair

Ex Officio Members:
Jane Horton, Director of Student Health and Counseling
Janis Kaufman, Director of Health Promotion
David Leonard, Dean of Student Life

Three Appointed Faculty Members - One annually for three-year term:
Yanhong Zhu - 2014-2017
Aaron Abrams - 2015-2018
Christopher Handy - 2016-2019

Three students nominated by the Student EC, appointed by the President:
Laura Beth Layette '17 - 2016-2017
Susan (Susie) Fields '19 - 2016-2017
Scott Simmons '19 - 2016-2017