Registration and Class Schedules

Registration and Class Schedules Committee (RCSC) is chaired by the Associate University Registrar and consists of the University Registrar, the Associate Deans of The College and the Williams School, the Athletics Director and Director of Physical Education, and five undergraduate faculty members appointed by the President and two student representatives appointed by the President upon recommendation of the Student Body Executive Committee. It deals with the undergraduate program. It annually recommends a five-year undergraduate academic calendar to the Executive Committee of the Faculty, considers and recommends changes related to the scheduling of courses and registration of undergraduate students, and serves as an advisory committee to the University Registrar's Office.

Barbara Rowe, Chair

Ex Officio Members:

Raquel Alexander, Associate Dean of the Williams School
Neil Cunningham, Director of Physical Education
Scott Dittman, University Registrar
Janine Hathorn, Professor of Physical Education and Athletics Director
Wendy Price, Associate Dean of The College
Barbara Rowe, Associate University Registrar

Five Appointed Faculty Members - One annually for 5-year term:
Joseph Guse - 2012-2017
Lisa Alty - 2013-2018
Mónica Botta - 2014-2019
Stephan Fafatas - 2015-2020
Shane Lynch - 2016-2021

Two students nominated by the Student EC, appointed by the President:

Bryan D'Ostroph '19 - 2016-2017
Kiki Spiezio '17 - 2016-2017