Public Functions

Public Functions Committee is composed of the University Marshal, who chairs the committee, and eleven university faculty members, appointed by the Provost for five-year terms. It supervises appearances of the Faculty and students at Fall Convocation, Founders' Day, Law Commencement, Undergraduate Baccalaureate and Commencement, and other official occasions such as presidential inaugurations.

Maryanne Simurda, Chair and University Marshal, 2009-2019

Ex Officio Members:
Randolph Hare, Director of Management and Operations, University Facilities

University Marshal and Ten Appointed Faculty Members - Two annually for five-year term:
Doug Cumming - 2011-2016
Jenefer Davies - 2012-2017
Lynn Chin - 2013-2018
Christine Clancy - 2013-2018
Haley Sigler - 2014-2019
Maryanne Simurda - 2014-2019
Sarah Blythe - 2015-2020
Steven Desjardins - 2015-2020
Kateri (Kami) Gardner - 2015-2020
Gregory Parker - 2015-2020
Nathan Shearer - 2015-2020