Capital Projects Advisory

will act in an advisory role to the president for planning and recommended authorization of all capital projects with an expected cost of $1 million or more. The committee will review and track all projects anticipated within a rolling time frame of five-years. For each project, the Executive Director normally will propose to the Committee a timeline for critical decision points including: concept design to serve a specific program, architectural drawings, construction drawings, bids, financing, construction schedule, etc.) While the university's strategic plan will serve as the primary guide for project authorization and prioritization, other important projects may emerge over time as a result of ongoing planning and evaluation. The Committee will meet at least twice each year to review, prioritize, and coordinate the progress of projects and to update the integrated five-year plan. Following each meeting, the Committee will provide summary recommendations for the president's review. Annually, the Committee will prepare a report and assist the president with a presentation of the current five-year plan to the Capital Projects and Finance committees of the Board of Trustees.

Marc Conner, Chair

Ex officio members:
Marc Conner, Interim Provost
Dennis Cross, VP for University Advancement
Sidney Evans, VP for Student Affairs and Dean of Students
Brant Hellwig, Dean of the Law School
John Hoogakker, Executive Director, University Facilities
Suzanne Keen, Dean of The College
Steven McAllister, Treasurer and VP for Finance
Robert Straughan, Dean of the Williams School

Faculty representatives to the Capital Projects Committee of the Board of Trustees:
Christopher Bruner - 2016-2017
William Hamilton - 2016-2017
Paul Youngman - 2016-2017