(2016-2017) Student Summer Opportunities

Our return to the academic year in January is a good time for students to be making plans for what they would like to do this summer. Here are some of the programs supported by Washington and Lee and open to students in a variety of disciplines:

Summer Research Scholar (SRS) Stipends support students participating in summer research projects proposed and supervised by W&L faculty. Last year, there were roughly 80 SRS Students. The faculty deadline for applications is January 27. The number of eligible students per faculty member is 2 and the minimum GPA for student participation is 3.0.

2017 will be the 9th summer when Johnson Opportunity Grants are available. These grants help rising seniors or rising juniors pay the expenses connected with an internship, a student conference, independent research or any other summer project that will help them become leaders in their chosen discipline or future career. Up to 30 grants will be made for the summer of 2017. First round applications are due the third Friday in January and the second round due the third Friday in March. The application forms and instructions are posted on the Johnson Opportunity Grants website.

If any of your advisees are juniors who want to get a head start on a senior honors thesis, they should consider applying for a Student Summer Independent Research (SSIR) grant, administered by the Dean of the College.

The Shepherd Poverty Program offers a 3-credit course, POV 453, which funds roughly 8 international summer experiences and 30 domestic summer internships. Most of the domestic opportunities are available through Shepherd Program's membership to the national Shepherd Higher Education Consortium on Poverty which offers over 120 internships throughout the U.S. The domestic experiences are bookended with an opening and closing conference and run 8-weeks during June and July. POV 101 is a requisite for the domestic internship program and POV 101 and POL 215 for the international internship program. The internship (POV 453) is a requirement for the poverty minor. Application deadline for both programs is January 15th.

The Center for International Education administers several summer grant programs that support research, service projects and, in a very limited number of cases, international study. Information and applications are available on the CIE website. For more information, contact Mark Rush, Director of the Center (rushm@wlu.edu) or Helen MacDermott (hmacdermott@wlu.edu) CIE program assistant.

Career Development has several summer internship funding opportunities, which are generally due later in the year, April and May. Be sure to "opt-in" to Career Development to learn about these opportunities. Contact John Jensen for more information.

The Williams School currently offers three international programs involving both internships and course work. The Sydney Internship and Study Abroad Program runs from late-February through June and involves a semester-long internship and courses taken at the University Of Sydney. Students also have the option of competing for a limited number of winter internships (January and early February) in the U.S. before departing. Participating students will earn 15-18 credits. The London and Cape Town Internship Programs also include both practical experience across a range of industries/career paths and course work. Both the London and Cape Town Programs begin in June and conclude in late-July.

Williams School students who share an interest in the on-going scholarly work of one of the faculty may, with the support of that faculty member, apply for positions as Summer Research Scholars (SRS).

For more information, contact Lauren Jensen, Director of Experiential Programming.