Cable TV and Xfinity Streaming FAQ

What channels are available through the campus Xfinity service?

How do I stream TV, movies, and sports to my wireless devices?

This brief video tutorial provides instructions on connecting both computers and mobile devices to the XFinity streaming service.

Can I use wall jacks in my room to access the campus cable service?

ONLY in Village apartments and Village townhouses. Common areas in Wood Creek apartment suites also have wall jacks for cable service. Students living in other resident houses must use the streaming service described above.

Your television must have a Clear QAM tuner to access cable TV using wall jacks. Most TVs built after 2006 are equipped with Clear QAM tuners. You will also need to provide your own cords to connect to the wall jack. Element TVs will not work on our system.

Troubleshooting for TVs connected to cable jacks:

How can I play content from my computer onto the communal TVs?

How do I obtain additional help?