Strategic Planning Timeline and Process

March - May 2017

  • Co-chairs and Steering Committee announced, seven Task Forces formed
  • President Dudley and co-chairs generate list of guiding questions
  • 5-question survey is sent to all SP participants (88 students, faculty, staff, trustees, alums)
  • Task Forces hold their initial meetings, begin to proceed with identifying priorities, initiatives, goals
  • Each Task Force chair meets with the SP co-chairs
  • First presentation of progress to the Board of Trustees (May 19 meeting)

June - August 2017

  • Steering Committee continues to meet, discussing several research areas and reviewing the overall findings of the survey, as well as formulating process for the next steps
  • Task Forces continue to meet and work at their own individual paces
  • Research on various areas continues in multiple offices

September - October 2017

  • Task Forces continue their work of prioritizing and articulating vision and priorities.
  • Meetings/conversations between Steering Committee and Task Force chairs (and other Task Force members as able): seeking common interests, developing resource implications
  • Suggestions for collaboration and further study
  • Creation of working groups to determine resource implications
  • Campus-wide "town hall" forums on Strategic Planning. These include some presentation of process, but are mainly opportunities to listen to campus constituencies: one just for students, one just for faculty, one just for staff

November - December 2017

  • Steering Committee develops framework for task force reports and discusses format for the final plan
  • Resources Task Force and facilities working groups receive further information to inform cost estimates and resource implications

January - March 2018

  • Task Force presentations to Steering Committee
  • Preliminary presentation to Board of Trustees
  • Campus-wide forum on March 19

April 2018

  • Drafting, discussion and refinement of the plan.

May 2018

  • Presentation to the Board of Trustees