Current Initiatives


CARPE is a modern teaching and learning center that will provide services to support student success and faculty development. The CARPE Task Force continues to gather input during meetings with stakeholders on campus, including the University Library Committee, the department and program chairs and various faculty groups. The project will also provide temporary classrooms to facilitate the renovation of both Huntley Hall and the Science Center in coming years.

Legal Studies Interdisciplinary Program

W&L's new undergraduate Legal Studies program will take advantage of our distinctive curricular structure by involving faculty from all three academic units within the university. The program will begin offering courses for students in Fall Term 2019.

Huntley Hall Renovations

Expanding and upgrading the facilities in Huntley Hall will support teaching, learning, and conferencing needs.

Science Facility Renovation

Renovations to the university's Science facilities will expand and upgrade STEM spaces to support 21st-century teaching and research.