Science Facility Renovation

First formed in the winter of 2018, as the Strategic Plan was taking shape, the Science Facility Renovation Task Force consists of representatives from each involved science department, chosen by the department. Each member is responsible both for representing her or his discipline/department and for bringing information and plans back to that department for discussion and input. Building off the STEM pedagogy task force that created a 191-page report in preparation for the strategic planning process, this group is discussing the pedagogical and research needs that will help us determine the space needs and possibilities for a renovated and expanded Science Center that will be a model for 21st-century science education.

The Working Group has developed questions for department walk-throughs to gather basic info about space needs and uses, and met with Sasaki, W&L's architectural planning firm, for listening sessions and a guided walk-through of the current science facility. They will continue to give feedback and perspective to Sasaki as the location, concept, and overall space of a renovated and expanded Science Facility is planned.

Task Force Members:

  • Marc Conner, Provost and Ballengee Professor of English
  • Lena Hill, Dean of the College and Professor of English
  • Meredith McCoy, Associate Dean of the College
  • Paul Youngman, Associate Provost and Redenbaugh Professor of German
  • Kyle Friend, Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • Joel Kuehner, Professor of Physics and Engineering
  • Bill Hamilton, Professor of Biology
  • Helen I'Anson, John T. Perry Professor of Biology
  • Dan Johnson, Associate Professor of Psychology
  • Karla Murdock, Professor of Psychology
  • Natalia Toporikova, Associate Professor of Biology (representing Neuroscience)
  • Jeff Rahl, Professor of Geology
  • David Harbor, Professor of Geology
  • Ken Lambert, Professor of Computer Science
  • Robert Humston, John Kyle Spencer Director of Environmental Studies and Professor of Biology
  • Don Gaylord, Research Archaeologist and Instructor 
  • Lisa Greer, Professor of Geology and member of Campus Master Planning committee