George Addison Baxter Rector, Washington Academy, 1799-1813; Rector, Washington College, 1813-1829

The Rev. George Baxter was born in 1771 in Rockingham County and graduated in 1796 from Liberty Hall. He was a Presbyterian clergyman. In 1803, early in his tenure, Liberty Hall burned down. (The ruins stand on the edge of the current W&L campus.) With the donation of neighboring land, the academy began to operate in its current location. In 1812, Baxter petitioned the legislature to change the name to a college, which it did in 1813. The students numbered approximately 60 during this era. Near the end of Baxter's tenure, the college received a donation of nearly $50,000 from trustee "Jockey" John Robinson, a local businessman. Under investigation by the trustees for his performance regarding the college's decline, Baxter resigned in 1829.