Kacie D'Alessandro Assistant Professor of Physics and Engineering

Kacie D'Alessandro

Howe 220


Ph.D. in Civil Engineering - Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State
M.S. in Civil Engineering - Clemson University
B.S. in Civil Engineering - Clemson University


Research interests include design of concrete structures, ultra-high performance concrete, innovative concrete applications, and engineering education.  Current projects involve ultra-high performance concrete,
behavior of high strength fiber-reinforced concrete, and natural fibers
in concrete mix development.


ENGN 160 - CADD: Computer Aided Drafting & Design  (Winter)
ENGN 203 - Engineering Mechanics I: Statics  (Fall)
ENGN 250 - Introduction to Engineering Design  (Spring)
ENGN/PHYS 260 - Materials Science  (Winter)
ENGN 301 - Solid Mechanics  (Fall)
ENGN 351 - Solids Mechanics Laboratory  (Fall)
ENGN 395 - Special Topics: Structural Design  (Winter)

Selected Publications

D’Alessandro, K.C., Swenty, M.K., and Collins, W.N. (2014).  “Integrating History into Engineering Curriculum.” Proceedings, ASEE-SE Annual Conference and Meeting, American Society for Engineering Education – Southeastern Section, Mercer University, Macon, GA, March 30 – April 1.

D’Alessandro, K.C. (2012).  “Lessons Learned on Preparation, Motivation, Expectation, and Reflection while Teaching and Mentoring as a Graduate Student.”  Proceedings, ASEE Annual Conference, American Society for Engineering Education, San Antonio, TX, June 10-13.

D’Alessandro, K.C., Roberts-Wollmann, C.L., Cousins, T.E., and Sotelino, E.D. (2009).  “Investigation of Biaxial Stress States of Ultra-High Performance Concrete Bridge Girders through Small Panel Testing and Finite Element Analysis.”  Proceedings, International Workshop on Ultra-High Performance Concrete, Fondation École Francaise du Béton, Marseille, France, November 17-18.

Engineering Outreach

Concrete for Kids is an outreach program that teaches students about the engineering design process through hands-on activities involving concrete.  Based on the program at Virginia Tech (http://www.asce.cee.vt.edu/Concreteforkids.html), Concrete for Kids teaches students about engineering through fun, interactive activities.  With the basic program students are led through the engineering design process by mixing concrete and testing concrete beams. 

The program can be adapted to any age level (elementary or secondary education) and adapted to various science subjects to make the activities and information relevant to material students are currently learning.  The program can be taken directly to the classroom, or it can be led on the Washington and Lee campus.  Materials for the Concrete for Kids program, including lesson plans, are available upon request. 

Workshops based on Concrete for Kids:

  • D’Alessandro, K., and Swenty, M. (2014). “Concrete for Kids.” 2014 VMI Stem Conference – Engineering Ingenuity, Virginia Military Institute, Lexington, VA, October 7-8.

  • Collins, W., D’Alessandro, K., Swenty, M., and Roberts-Wollmann, C. (2011). “Concrete for Kids.” Workshop for 2011 ASEE Workshop on K-12 Engineering Education, American Society for Engineering Education, Vancouver, BC, Canada, June 25.

Professional Memberships

American Concrete Institute (ACI)
American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)