H. Thomas Williams Emeritus Professor of Physics

H. Thomas Williams

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Ph.D. in Physics - University of Virginia
B. S. in Physics - University of Virginia


Quantum Information Theory
Non-equilibrium Statistical Mechanic

Selected Publications

"Discrete Quantum Mechanics," H. Thomas Williams, IOP Science (Published by Morgan and Claypool, 2015.) Copyright 2016.

C. M. da Fonseca, D. Mazilu, I. Mazilu, H.T. Williams, “The Eigenpairs of a Sylvester–Kac Type Matrix Associated with a Simple Model for One-Dimensional Deposition and Evaporation”, Applied Mathematics Letters, Volume 26, issue 12, (2013) 1206-1211.

Stochastic epidemic-type model with enhanced connectivity: exact solution, H. T. Williams, I. Mazilu, D. A. Mazilu, Journal of Statistical Physics 2012, 01017, January 2012.

Applications of tridiagonal matrices in nonlinear statistical physics, I Mazilu, D. A. Mazilu, H. Thomas Williams, Journal of Statistical Mechanics (Electronic), 24, 7-17, 2012.

Exact analytical solutions of charged monomer and dimer deposition models in one and two dimensions, D. Mazilu, I. Mazilu, H.T. Williams, accepted for publication in Journal of Physics: conference series (2012).

Entanglement enhancement of a noisy classical communication channel, H. Thomas Williams, Paul Bourdon, arXiv:quant-ph 1109.1029, November 2011.

Augmented message-matrix approach to deterministic dense-coding theory, E. Gerjuoy, H. T. Williams, P. Bourdon, Physical Review A79, 042315 (2009).