Kenneth E. Van Ness Emeritus Professor of Physics and Engineering

Kenneth E. Van Ness


Ph.D. in Mechanics and Materials Science - Rutgers University

Selected Publications

Reid, T.J., Van Ness, K.E., et al. "Physical and thermal properties of blood storage bags: implications for shipping frozen components on dry ice," Transfusion, 42, 836-846, July 2002.

J.K. Lynch**, K.E. Van Ness, T.J. Nosker, R.W. Renfree, and M.J. Miraglia*, "Creep Behavior and Prediction of an Immiscible Polymer Blend." Proceedings of the Eighth International Conference on Composites Engineering, ICCE/8, 08/2001.

Van Ness, K.E., Nosker, T.J., Renfree, R.W., Lynch, J.**, and Kalista, S.J*., "Stress-Relaxation of Polyolefin-Based, Oriented, Glass-Fiber Materials," Proceedings of the Society of Plastics Engineers Annual Technical Conference, 57(3), 2833-2837, 1999.