Iron Gate Great Sport Routes

Iron Gate was developed in the early to mid 90's and has some 30+ routes for every level of climber (5.6-5.12d). This area boasts 100 foot cliffs supporting lots of sport routes and a few mixed, trad and top rope routes. Directions I-64 west to Clifton Forge. Take Exit 27 just before Clifton Forge onto US 60 East and US 220 Business. Turn left onto US 220 South, and follow the Jackson River into Rainbow Gap (where the Jackson River cuts through some geologic uplift), which is easily seen be the arching rock formation to your left on the other side of the river. Park on the left side of the road at the Historical Site parking lot. The climbing is on your side of the river. The trail up to the climbing area is 100 yards down the road towards Iron Gate on your right.

Gotham City Wall

1. Big Bap Boom 5.10b Sport

Three bolts, slightly overhanging face climb.

2. Chopper Chicks 5.10b Mixed

One bolt, short climb that goes up through low roof to slabby face above.

3. The Riddler 5.10a Sport

Three bolts, start on block to slabby face.

4. Big Red 5.9 Sport

Four bolts face climb to left of big roof.

5. Unnamed 5.10c Sport

Four bolts, face climb to left of big roof.

6. Clown Attack 5.11c Sport

Six bolts, climb out small roof to face. Classic.

7. Project 5.10a Sport

Four bolts, face climb.

8. Unnamed 5.9 Sport

Five bolts

9. Vicki Vail 5.10a Sport

Four bolts, face climb

10. Unnamed Sport

Climb to ledge, continue up.

11. The Dark Night 5.10a Sport

Four bolts, face climb

Lower Fettish Wall

12. Dead and Bolted 5.10a Sport

Four bolts, face climb left of roof.

13. Just Say No! 5.10a Sport

Four bolts, slabby face right of roof.

14. The Rad Gumbo 5.10a Sport

Four bolts, Face Climb

15. Whiney Butt 5.6 Sport

Four bolts, face climb.

Upper Fettish Wall

16. The Catwomen 5.7 Mixed

Two bolts, start on rite side of arete, then traverse up and left onto slabby face.

17. Get the Funk Up 5.10c Mixed

Two bolts, flace climb right of arete. Use the same anchors as The Rad Gumbo (#14).

18. Leather and Latex 5.6 Trad

Climb corner crack to top or use anchors on Get the Funk Up (#17).

19. Roasted Dude 5.8 Sport

Two bolts, slabby face under roof.

20. The Pinch Hitter 5.9 Sport

Three bolts, Arete climb that shares anchors with Get the Funk Up (#17).

21. A little Thing 5.12+ Trad

Twin cracks up overhanging face.

22. Ganja 5.12c Sport

Five bolts, overhanging face left of the twin cracks.

23. Natural High 5.9 Trad

Face left of The Pinch Hitter (#20) with block shaped flack at half height.

24. Pretty Poison 5.10a Mixed

Three bolts, climb prominent arete and face left of arete. Classic

25. Shattered 5.10b Trad

Climb thin crack in corner under roof traversing left at roof and climb hand crack to top.

26. Unfinished

27. Three Time Lose 5.9 Trad

Start on block and climb crack in corner

28. Dopeman 5.10d Top rope

Face between Shattered (#25) and Three Time Lose (#27).

29. Superflake 5.10b Mixed

One pin, start on block and climb prominent flake up center of face. Classic.

30. Mind Games 5.10b Sport

Eight bolts, superb! Starts on arete and moves up face, then through small roof to top. Classic.

31. Happiness is Slavery 5.9 Sport

Three bolts, climb band of horizontals to bolted face above. Classic.

32. Unnamed 5.11c Mixed

Five bolts, overhanging face to small roof and up to the top.

33. Unnamed 5.11d Trad

34. Black and Decker Sport

Two bolts, climb slappy face past 2 bolts to the top.

35. Almond Joy 5.6 Trad

Climb up flake on slabby face.

Other Side of the River

There are several good routes on the other side of the river, however the only clear access is across the river, which runs deep. On the other side can be several sport routes in the 5.8-5.10 range. In particular is Adhesion 5.8 , a long sport climb (bring your 69 meter rope).