Key Student Staff

Matthew Rickert

Matthew Rickert '18

"A good traveler keeps their favorite spots hidden by leaving no trace."

Jake Sirota

Jake Sirota '19

"The distance to the best bathroom spot is directly proportional to the coziness of the fire."

Benie Bolohan

Benie Bolohan '18

"You don't need high-tech equipment to enjoy the outdoors — you just need a working plan, a big smile, and a sandwich bag for your phone."

Bowen Spottswood

Bowen Spottswood '18

"Raincoats are good, boots are helpful, and chocolate is absolutely necessary."

Gaby Passidomo

Gaby Passidomo 2L

"A composed and accommodating attitude is essential for enjoying life outdoors…that and an awesome campfire."

Liz Todd

Liz Todd '19

"Bear spray, unlike beauty, does not belong in the eye of the beholder."

Mikey Barro

Mikey Barro '19

"Don't bold. Be bold."

Tommy Willingham

Tommy Willingham '19

"I stayed up all night to see where the sun went. Then it dawned on me."

Chantal Iosso

Chantal Iosso '20

"Sometimes the outdoors has its faults, but at least the geology rocks!"

Tommy Bishop

Tommy Bishop 3L

"You should always have a plan, but sometimes, that plan should be to get yourself lost."