The Glory of Rome May 26 - June 3, 2019

Our delight in the Italian banquet, in Italy's abundant cultural and historical riches, has long been enhanced by the active support of W&L's esteemed Italian Renaissance art historian George Bent. Together with Jordan Cook, of International Seminar Designs, George will serve us again in this special art and architectural tour of Rome.

This custom-designed tour of Eternal City will surely surpass the usual visit to Rome, for it includes exclusive invitations to historic villas, baroque palaces not open to the public, fragrant gardens, and personal art collections. Together, we'll travel through the ages, from the iconic ancient Roman structures of the Forum to grand Renaissance and Baroque palaces, to modern architectural feats by international star architects Richard Meier, Renzo Piano, and Zaha Hadid. At the American Academy of Rome, we'll enjoy lunch by private invitation. We will be granted special access to hidden masterworks throughout the city and will be joined by a renowned art and architecture scholar, who is also a native Roman, eager to share his extensive knowledge of the innermost secrets of Roman culture.

Our home in Rome is the sophisticated, four-star Rose Garden Palace Hotel, ideally located near the Villa Borghese, Spanish Steps, and Trevi Fountain. By special arrangement, we'll tour the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel to view the magnificent frescoes by Michelangelo and Raphael before they open to the public. We'll also visit the terraced gardens and historic cascades at Villa d'Este as well as other sights in the charming countryside town of Tivoli. We also recommend the optional three-day extension in Spoleto for the art and beauty of Umbria. This visit in Rome will be anticipated by an Alumni College campus program, The Eternal City: Rome through the Centuries, July 15-20, 2018, featuring illustrated talks by Mikki Brock and Caleb Dance, as well as George Bent. Early interest has already indicated that both will be very popular choices.