Timeless Cuba January 12 - 20, 2019

Happily, it is still possible for Americans to visit one of the most intriguing destinations in our hemisphere, Cuba. Although several companies are now offering visits, almost all of their itineraries are confined to Havana. Our visit includes a circumnavigation of the island as well as a call in Havana. A nation is invariably greater than its capital, and as a nation Cuba has many sides.

Experienced Cuba travelers and W&L faculty hosts, Mark Rush and Florinda Ruiz will focus especially on the history, art, architecture, and culture. Over the eight days of our voyage, they will help us examine Cuba's extraordinary architectural and artistic treasures as well as many current issues. Among these will be the impact of Cuba's agrarian economy on the social and political climate of modern Cuba, and, inevitably, the status of Cuba's relations within the Latin American community of nations and prospects for improved relations with her huge neighbor to the north.

From the comfort and refined elegance of Oceania Cruises' Sirena, we'll observe Cuba's ever-changing landscapes as we circumnavigate the island. After an overnight voyage from Miami, we'll begin our visit in Havana, renowned for its many artist studios, historic plazas, grand churches, and vintage American cars. Thereafter, we'll call in Cienfuegos and stroll the cobbled streets of Trinidad, Cuba's Spanish colonial showpiece. In the south, we explore the Afro-Cuban heritage of Santiago de Cuba and visit the prized Alejandro de Humboldt National Park, a biodiverse oasis set between pine-clad mountains and sparkling seas. Featuring several UNESCO World Heritage Sites, pristine national parks, and colorful towns and cities, this remarkable itinerary showcases the cultural and natural treasures of a long-forbidden nation. With the inclusion of all meals aboard the ship, superb accommodations, and cultural expertise throughout, this educational cruise is a remarkable value.