Travel Programs

January 9-14, 2018

Authentic Hawaii

Hawaii is much more than beaches. It's gardens and waterfalls and rainforests and volcanoes; it's island history and native traditions, architecture and astronomy, rare ora and fauna, small towns and museums, home cooking and walks along the bay. Here is a travel adventure designed to help us feel more like new residents who have been given a rare opportunity to know Hawaii beyond its fabled shorelines and surf. Authentic Hawaii will enable us to explore Hawaii's Big Island with a stay at the private home of the Dewars, founders of China Advocates. This grand home, known as the Thomas Guard House, is located in the community of Reed's Island, where the Hawaiian royals once resided. Built in 1916 by the banker omas Guard, the house is a stunning example of neoclassical architecture. The property has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places and has hosted some famous guests, including George Lucas during the production of Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark, which was filmed in the nearby rainforest.

April 16-22, 2018

Six-Day Getaway to Budapest

What is the most frequently depicted city in television ads today? It has to be Budapest. Aerial photos of the city's highly photogenic Houses of Parliament feature in virtually every riverboat ad on Masterpiece Theater or the evening news. The 2018 choice for our popular getaway destinations, Budapest will also appeal to those with limited time and yet an irrepressible urge to travel. Like our getaway to Amsterdam, the package for Budapest is remarkably generous for the price. This tour includes five nights at the beautiful, well-reviewed Continental Hotel Budapest. This recently renovated four-star hotel is conveniently located for walking tours and independent excursions.

May 5-13, 2018

Town and Country of Languedoc

Birthplace of the troubadours, home of the legendary Cathars, Languedoc was the intellectual, social, and economic center of France from the 9th to the 13th centuries. Named after langue d'oc, a lyrical blend of several languages, the region is one of the best-kept secrets in France. From the rugged Pyrenees to the shores of the Mediterranean, Languedoc has a distinctive character along with a colorful and varied history.

June 9-18, 2018

The Mississippi: Southern Culture and the Civil War

We've chosen a new, more intimate steamboat for the iconic Mississippi River voyage from Memphis to New Orleans. The 166-passenger American Duchess, an all-suite, boutique paddle wheeler with the largest cabins in every category available on the river, is more to our style. Our latest voyage down America's greatest waterway will offer not only music and good times but also comfort and convenience. With that assured, we invite you to join us for a new perspective on the modern South and its cultural and political history.

June 11-20, 2018

The Ireland of Song and Legend

When we think of Ireland, we imagine rolling green hills and lush green meadows spilling down to the billowing sea, a tootling Irish ute somewhere in the air. While such scenes do exist on the Emerald Isle-and we will see a few-there is more to Ireland than her breathtakingly beautiful landscape and much to enjoy in her bright and storied cultural heritage.

June 28 - July 5, 2018

Alaska's Glaciers and Inside Passage

This year's peak-season summer voyage features the magnificent coastline of British Columbia and the Southeast Islands of Alaska. The W&L Traveller has visited this region several times but never at this level of scope and comfort. Our seven-night expedition through the Inside Passage from Vancouver, British Columbia, to Juneau, Alaska, features some of North America's most spectacular scenery.

July 28 - August 7, 2018

Newfoundland and Labrador

Our tours of Canadian destinations over the years have clearly indicated that W&L travelers are eager to explore our friendly neighbor to the north. With its extraordinary landscapes, fascinating history, and strong cultural roots, Eastern Canada is surely one of the most rewarding destinations for educational travel in North America. We're pleased to return with a remarkable 11-day journey to Newfoundland and Labrador-Canada's most easterly province. Along with its majestic natural beauty and welcoming local populations, this region has much to offer, including 9,000 years of visible human history.

August 2 - 11, 2018

French Polynesia: Beyond the Postcard

Picture this: luminous shades of azure, secluded atolls, lushly forested mountain islands banded by broad beaches, breezes fragranced with the sultry perfume of gardenia. The islands of the South Pacific evoke the mystery and romance recalled by the legendary European explorers who discovered them hundreds of years ago. Today, the ships are more comfortable, but the spell of French Polynesia remains just as strong. We invite you to join us aboard the 102-guest National Geographic Orion for a splendid exploration of these fabled isles.

August 24 - 30, 2018

Six-Day Getaway to London

The latest of our popular getaway destinations, London, the world's most international city, is bound to appeal to those with limited time and yet an irrepressible urge to travel. Like our other getaways, our program in London is remarkably generous for the price. This package includes roundtrip air from Washington, D.C., several meals, entrances, gratuities, and five nights in the Millennium Gloucester, a contemporary hotel in elegant Kensington. The four-star hotel is especially convenient to the major museums and for walking tours and independent excursions.

September 11 - 20, 2018

Venice and the Dalmation Coast

The coast of Croatia and Montenegro has an irresistible loveliness. Long coveted by the ancient Greeks, Roman and Byzantine emperors, Venetian doges, and Ottoman caliphs, this sun-dappled strand of the Adriatic has retained its distinctive appeal, even in this era of mass tourism. The idyllic islands, the small, well-preserved medieval towns lining the coast, the revered monuments, the palm-lined promenades have all retained their authentic character. The entire coastline presents a lovely marriage of land and sea with the long history that has made the region so eloquent.

October 6 - 14, 2018 (Second Departure)

Flavors of Northern Italy

When Americans recall their love affair with Italy, most are musing on the pastoral regions of the north. Who could forget a view across the Umbrian hills at twilight, a patchwork quilt of small fields rolling up to a rhyme of rectangles in the terracotta roofs of quaint hill towns skirted by olive groves? The art lover recalls as well the astonishing wealth of Florence and Venice, the gourmet the fragrant delectations of the Bolognese, the wine connoisseur the fruity vintages of Valpolicella. The historian smiles and admits that the Veneto is the best place for dreaming of the centuries. The world traveler looks for real estate.

October 31 - November 11, 2018

Wildlife Safari in Tanzania

East Africa has been among the W&L Traveller's most popular destinations. Why? It may be that wildlife safaris in Tanzania and Kenya are habit forming. Once you've experienced the unforgettable, you have a natural longing to relive the adventure. Indeed, at the end of each safari, we've promised our travelers that we'll return soon, for there is no place on earth that presents life and the natural order of things more eloquently.

January 13 - 26, 2019

New Zealand by Sea

With its tidy English gardens and untamed wilderness, white-suited lawn bowlers and tattooed Maori elders, austere glacial fiords and boiling volcanic mud pots, New Zealand is a nation of striking contrasts. Settled by wandering Polynesians in the 13th century, discovered by the Dutch in 1642, then colonized by the British in the late 19th century, New Zealand remains a world sufficient unto itself. Isolated from other land masses by the swells of the Tasman Sea and Pacific Ocean, New Zealand views its closest neighbors in Australia as foreigners separated by a common language. It seems well aware that, as a destination, it is on everyone's bucket list. With that in mind, it seems content to leave things as they are.

January 12 - 20, 2019

Timeless Cuba

Happily, it is still possible for Americans to visit one of the most intriguing destinations in our hemisphere, Cuba. Although several companies are now offering visits, almost all of their itineraries are confined to Havana. Our visit includes a circumnavigation of the island as well as a call in Havana. A nation is invariably greater than its capital, and as a nation Cuba has many sides.

January 19 - 27, 2019

Cuban Discovery

We invite you to join us on an eye-opening adventure, one specially designed to illuminate the fascinating past, present, and future of a Caribbean nation that has been off-limits to most Americans for over half a century.

March 18 - 25, 2019

Seven-Day Getaway to Portugal

Portugal's remoteness from the capitals of Europe and its close relationship to the sea have contributed to her unique cultural traditions. Visitors will discover a land blessed with a lush fertile countryside, antique villages, fairy-tale castles, fine wine, magnificent palaces, elegant gardens-qualities that have helped to make Portugal Travel and Leisure's destination of the year for 2017. Yet, despite these distinctions, Portugal remains one of the least-known nations in Europe. Through such great explorers as Prince Henry the Navigator and Vasco de Gama, Portugal inspired and led the European discovery of the world. Her Golden Age lasted well over 100 years. But then, like a Sleeping Beauty, she receded from the world stage, enclosed and apart.

June 6 - 13, 2019 (Second Departure)

The Glory of Rome

Our delight in the Italian banquet, in Italy's abundant cultural and historical riches, has long been enhanced by the active support of W&L's faculty. Our new departure for Rome in June of 2019 will be led by popular W&L classics professor Caleb Dance. Together with Jordan Cook, of International Seminar Designs, Caleb will help us explore and understand the many glories of Rome.

June 2 - 11, 2019

The Lares Trek Adventure: Hiking in Peru

Many alumni who enjoyed the W&L Outing Club as students have inquired about more active adventures though our travel program. We're excited to introduce a new kind of adventure through the W&L Traveller that will offer a more physically invigorating though nonetheless comfortably accommodated travel experience each year. Leading the trip will be James Dick, director of the Outing Club for the past 16 years. Our inaugural program will be a journey to Peru, with an itinerary that combines visits to Cusco and Machu Picchu with five days of lodge-to-lodge hiking in the Andes. This tour embraces the rich history, living culture, and the magnificent Andean landscapes of the Sacred Valley of the Incas. With expert local guides, we'll explore majestic archaeological sites while hiking remote and uncrowded trails abounding in natural beauty. We'll also pause to visit small Andean communities to discover local traditions of weaving and agrarian customs firmly rooted here since Incan times.

June 4 - 14, 2019

Celtic Lands and D-Day Landings

For thousands of years before the arrival of Christianity, the Celts inhabited the rugged margins of northwestern Europe. From their remote homelands in Brittany, Ireland, Wales, and Scotland, they exerted a powerful influence on the history of pre-Roman Europe and left behind extraordinary cultural, artistic, and architectural legacies. Today, the Celts are generally regarded as the indigenous people of the British Isles, the original ironworkers and stonecutters, and their works are esteemed as the earliest evidence of a civilized society in these lands. Much of Celtic lore relates to the sea and the islands they were able to settle and protect.