Cognitive Neuroscience Lab

The long term goal of our research is to understand the neurophysiological basis of cognition and its evolution. Specifically, we are involved in studying olfaction and its effects on the human brain. Our lab, which consists of six rooms, is devoted to the recording and analysis of brain electrical activity during sensory stimulation. Most often we employ odors in conjunction with auditory or visual stimuli to evaluate how odors are processed by the brain. In the lab, students are engaged in various studies using EEG, odor delivery equipment, music, or some mathematical and process-control programs like MATLAB. 

The lab is located on the first floor of Parmly Hall in the Science Center at Washington and Lee University.


Research at Small Colleges

Tyler Lorig of Washington & Lee University and Richard Lewis of Pomona College recently presented a workshop addressing the importance of pushing beyond difficulties associated with conducting research at small colleges by discussing strategies for dealing with academic administrators, streamlining research activities, involving undergraduate students as active collaborators in programmatic research, and being in several places at once.