Production Club

The Production Club is a student managed, self-sufficient group sponsored by the Music Department that serves the W&L community. The mission of the Production Club is twofold:

  1. to provide sound, recording, and lighting services of professional quality at very reasonable prices
  2. to provide experience for students in live sound reinforcement, stage lighting, event management and business management

The club's advisor is Graham Spice. He oversees the club's activities, provides instruction and attends the club's events at the beginning of the year. Once the club's crew is technically prepared, students run the events without direct supervision.

The Production Club provides an exciting and challenging hands-on environment for learning event production and managerial skills. Students run the events, manage other students and maintain all the day-to-day operations on their own.

Contact the Production Club

The President of the Production Club is Colin Mohnacs, '14. Please contact him directly via email to contract the Production Club for an on-campus event or for information about joining.

Events Suitable for the Production Club

The Production Club is available to provide sound reinforcement and lighting for small events like talent shows, speaking engagements, etc. Existing equipment is capable of meeting minimal sound and lighting reinforcement suitable for small events held in the Elrod Commons, small rooms or outdoors.

Sound Equipment

  • Behringer X32 digital mixing console
  • 2 QSC K12 speakers
  • 1 QSC KSub speaker
  • 4 JBL speakers (2 mains and 2 monitors)
  • 2 QSC power amps
  • Mackie 16-channel mixer
  • 24x8 snake with 100' length
  • Various processors, microphones, stands and cables

Lighting Equipment

  • 2 light trees
  • 8 par cans (4 Par64 lights per tree)
  • Lighting controller and cables

Additional Information

The Production Club is an opportunity for W&L students to provide production support in a professional environment. For students interested in music technology and production, this club will provide invaluable experience that simply cannot be taught in a classroom. In addition to on-the-job experience, the students will be required to coordinate the entire production including scheduling, meeting with the client to assess needs and managing other students.

The Production Club is also an opportunity for the Music Department in many ways. Students involved with the club will form a core for technology and production related classes taught within the department. These students will arrive to these classes equipped with practical knowledge from the field allowing these classes to focus more on technical and theoretical details. The department can also benefit from the practical training of these students for special events like the yearly Bentley musical where having prior experience with real-world situations is critical.

The Production Club charges reasonable rates for providing agreed-upon audio and lighting for on-campus events. The majority of the money charged for production services would be paid to students for labor with a small portion reserved for equipment repair and replacement. Although fees will be charged, making money will NOT be the focus for either students or the University.

The Production Club is not meant to interfere with any existing contracts with outside production companies for large events such as graduation, events in the gymnasium or other large-scale productions. The club will focus only on small events in approved on-campus locations.

The Production Club at Washington & Lee is modeled after Cornell University Music Department's sponsored club called "Cornell Productions."