Online Pro Audio References

Sheetwater Sound's Music Technology Glossary

Another excellent resource for info that also adds interesting tidbits about guitars and other musical instruments. Also check out the Tech Tip tab on the same page for lots of useful info on everyday topics like DAWs, sequencers, guitar pickups, and more.

RT60 Calculator from WSDG

This tool allows you to calculate reverb time decay by entering room type, dimensions and wall finishes. Room mode and absorption coefficient (including over 450 materials) spreadsheets for Excel are also downloadable.

Interactive Frequency Chart

This chart shows instruments on a 20 Hz to 20 kHz diagram with a frequency translator for terms like "honk, whack and crunch."

Sound Studio and Audio Calculations

Need to convert dBV to dBu or dBm? Or find the wavelength of a certain frequency? You'll find calculators here for that and dozens of other useful things.

Stan Coutant's Microphone Site

Charts, graphs and PDFs of original literature for a host of old microphones along with pictures of artists using them.

Rane Pro Audio Reference

21st century audio dictionary, a complete list of terms and names that is updated semi-annually.