MUS 397 – Creating Music in the Digital Age (Spring '07)

General Class Documents

Ableton Live Remix Project files

  • zip Coldcut Remix Project - "Everything is Under Control" 53.46 Mb
  • zip Meat Beat Manifesto Remix Project - "Wild" 33.85 Mb
  • zip NiN Remix Project - "ONLY" 98.14 Mb

Class instructor Graham Spice created the official Ableton Live Remix Project for Meat Beat Manifesto for the song "Wild". This remix project has recently been included in "The Remixer's Bible" by Francis Preve from Backbeat Books.

The Lessons that are included with this remix project explain some advanced techniques that students will be expected to know and understand. The remix projects contain many tips that you will find useful in your travels with Live!

There is a thread dedicated to the MBM Remix Project on the Ableton Forum here:

You can read more about the remix project and an interview with Jack Dangers at Ableton's website: