Sybil Prince Nelson ('01)

Both during her years at W&L and those following her graduation, Sybil Prince Nelson has pursued a wide variety of interests. At W&L, she majored in both mathematics and music, worked as a Lee-Scholar with Professor Wayne Dymacek on graph-theory problems, and performed in the University Orchestra on the double bass as well as in the University's jazz band on the saxophone. She also enjoys creative writing; in fact, she entered W&L expecting to major in English.

After her graduation from W&L, Sybil took the position of mathematics instructor at Georgetown Day School in Washington DC. Three years later, she moved to Charleston (with her husband), where she took a teaching position at Ashley Hall, which is Barbara Bush's alma mater. Soon thereafter she began working part-time toward a master's degree in mathematics at the College of Charleston. She earned that master's degree and is now a full-time PhD student in Biostatistics at the Medical University of South Carolina.

Despite the demands of her jobs and coursework (as well as family life--she has two daughters), Sybil has continued to pursue her interest in writing. A novel of hers titled The Guardian of Eden should be appearing in print soon. Moreover, she has authored a series of books for young-adults, Priscilla the Great, for which she recently sold film rights!