This is Only a Drill

Simulated messages related to Washington and Lee University's emergency drill will appear on this page with the most recent updates at the top. To bypass this page during the drill, click on "Continue to Regular Site" in the navigation bar above.

Emergency Drill on Campus Today, Aug. 21

Washington and Lee is conducting an emergency drill on campus today. The drill, part of our ongoing emergency preparedness program, is intended to simulate an emergency situation, providing the university and local first responders an opportunity to both practice and evaluate their response to a campus emergency.

For an extended period this morning, those on or near campus may notice an increased presence of law enforcement officials and emergency vehicles in the area, as well as a number of actors—including students—portraying various roles in the simulated situation. Those in close proximity may also hear sounds related to the drill, such as loud voices, police and EMS activity, and simulated gunfire.

We will also be testing our communications systems and response during an emergency, so you will receive General Alerts before, during and after the drill, and may see posts about the simulated incident on W&L's social media channels. These will be test messages only, preceded by "THIS IS A DRILL," so you will not be expected to shelter in place should the test messages call for that. We will also send a final alert to let you know when the drill has been completed.

Please avoid the area where the drill is taking place--in the space between Huntley Hall and Graham-Lees dorm--for the duration of the drill.

As a reminder, in the event the live drill is a cause for distress for any members of the campus community, we have resources available through University Counseling for our students, and the Carilion Employee Assistance Program for faculty and staff.