Virtual Learning Series Spring Term: Engaging Students in the World

One topic. Four weeks of immersive learning. That's the essence of the W&L Spring Term.

This year, we're inviting alumni, parents and friends to go behind the scenes of this signature learning experience, which encourages students to engage the world around them in new and different ways. In our four-part Virtual Learning Series, Senior Assistant to the President and Professor of Geology Elizabeth Knapp will sit down one-on-one with W&L faculty members to discuss their courses, providing food for thought during the lunch hour—or whenever you are free.

Segments will be posted on the pages below at noon Eastern time on Tuesday and Fridays during the term and remain available to watch online at your leisure.

Join Us For:

The Freedom Ride: Ted DeLaney '85 May 12, Noon (EDT)

DeLaney discusses the Civil Rights Movement through the lens of the Freedom Riders, taking students on a two-week tour of major Civil Rights protest sites in the lower Southern United States.

Chicano Art and Muralism: Andrea Lepage May 15, Noon (EDT)

Lepage examines the process by which Chicano/a artists have garnered public attention and respect, and have taken their artworks from the peripheries of the art world to more traditional museum and gallery spaces. Using the Great Wall of Los Angeles as a connecting thread, this class considers the broad theme of identity creation and transformation as expressed by Chicano/a artists from the 1970s to the present.

Incarceration and Inequality: Kelly Brotzman '95 May 19, Noon (EDT)

Brotzman examines the issue of incarceration in the United States, using ethical and social scientific approaches while paying special attention to the relationship between incarceration, socioeconomic inequality, and poverty. Her course is taught in a classroom at the Augusta Level-3 Correctional Center in Craigsville, Virginia, with students attend class together with offenders who are pursuing higher education while in custody.

Physics and Perception of Music: Jon Erickson May 22, Noon (EDT)

Erickson explores the physical principles of sound production and music perception with students, using hands-on techniques to investigate wave properties and propagation, harmonic series and spectral analysis, tuning temperaments, auditory processing, room acoustics, audio recording and reproduction technologies, and more.

2014 Virtual Learning Series Contemporary Issues in Society

In our 2014 series, Associate Provost Marc Conner sits down one-on-one with W&L faculty members to discuss courses dealing with contemporary issues in society.