LGBTQ Peer Counselors

Our trained, friendly peer counselors all identify as members of the LGBTQ community. They are willing to share their experiences on campus and invite you to contact them any time with questions, concerns, or if you just want an ear to bend.

Kat Oakley Senior

Once helped find a 3,000 year old sandal in the middle of the desert.


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MK Moran Senior

Rescues, rehabilitates, and homes off-the-track thoroughbred horses.


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Liz Todd Senior

Has gone swimming in both the Artic & Antarctic Oceans


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Mike Bracey Junior

Is a Survivor mega-fan who has seen every season, totally over 500 episodes.


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Abby Miller Junior

Enjoys embroidery and quoting old vines, an app where people can post funny videos


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Chase Isbell Sophomore

Is a RuPaul’s Drag Race enthusiast and Instagram fanatic


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Roy Abernathy 2L

Was on a comedic male dance team, the Low Techs, in undergrad


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