Jim Kahn John F. Hendon Professor of Economics and Professor of Environmental Studies

Jim Kahn

Holekamp 206
Curriculum Vitae


B.A. - Economics - Washington and Lee University (1975)

M.A. - Economics - University of Maryland, College Park (1978)

PhD. - Economics - University of Maryland, College Park (1981)


Environmental and Resource Economics, Environmental Studies, and Environmental Policy with emphasis on interaction between the economic system and the environment, the role of the environment in the economic development of developing countries, sustainable development, renewable resource systems, valuation of environmental resources, and global environmental problems.


Professor Kahn teaches introductory environmental studies, the environmental capstone course, an interdisciplinary course co-taught with Professor Drumbl entitled Global Environmental Governance: Law, Economics and Policy, and an upper level economics course focusing on the environment and economic development in tropical countries. He is also a collaborating professor at the Federal University of Amazonas and originated and directs our federally funded exchange programs with Brazilian Universities.